Family Circles

Similar to Red Wood trees, we all have family circles.

Circles that offer us vitality. These circles are our parents, siblings and extended family. The individuals that you can always count on to be there, even when disaster strikes.


These individuals are the seeds.

The seeds from which we grow emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Our parents are the roots.

And our siblings and extended family play a myriad of roles:

They are the plow that tills the land.

The water that keeps us healthy and allows us to maintain our growth.

The fertilizer that helps us grow faster and bigger so that we can increase our yield.

I’ve written a lot about how we live in a connection economy and that the work of an artist is to create connections that change people.

It turns out that, the most important connection we have is the connection with our family.

Because family circles, no matter how terrible the damage, keep us alive.