Are You a Change Agent?

The simple answer is yes.

The only constant in our life is change. 
Business and capitalism, in general, requires it.
At the most basic level, to win consumers and build loyalty businesses must differentiate themselves from the competitive set, regardless of their industry.
Whether that’s in packing, pricing, product features, or promotions, differentiation, or creative destruction is an essential fact of capitalism.

The same is true for individuals.
The act of living is not and cannot be a stationary state.
Every bit of information we consume has an impact on how we engage with the world.
Every conversation we have either confirms or challenges our worldview.

Not only do things change us at the individual level, but also our change impacts others.
There is always someone watching our behavior.
Taking social clues.
Making a subconscious decision to mimic our behavior or to ignore it.

If you eat healthy those around you will start to think about what they eat.
If you workout often those around you will.
If you watch less tv, those around you will start to pick up a book more often.
If you have a positive self-narrative those around you will start to evaluate theirs.

You see, we are what we repeatedly think and do. As such, those in our tribe in many ways are and become what we think and repeatedly do.

We must consistently ask ourselves, am I becoming who I want my wife, husband, friend, brother, sister or co-worker to become?

We are all change agents. We can all be artists.

The question is whether we are driving change for better or for worse.

We have the power. The choice is ours.