Change. It’s in Our Nature.

Change is the only constant. We can either create it or have it thrust upon us. The choice is ours.

Creating it is like the seasons. It’s an incremental process, occurring one day at a time.

There are the depths of the winter. The silence. The times when we feel alone. When we feel as if no one hears or sees our point of view. We ask ourselves what it’s all worth. Is it really worth trying to create the change we seek in the world?

There is the emergence of spring. A coming of age of sorts. Commotion in the air. Spring starts with one bird. The brave bird that strays from the flock and is the first to arrive. Our efforts to create change start similarly. They start with one person. One person that’s willing to escape the herd mentality. One person that is willing to listen. Willing to try to see the world as it could be. Willing to engage in what we are trying to create. Soon, one bird turns into two, three, five, until we have a flock.

A community has emerged.

There is the calmness of summer. Freedom. Openness. Joy. Our community grows. Generosity pervades. We collectively enjoy the fruits of our labor.

There is the tranquility of fall.  Momentum slows. Fractures emerge in our community. Parts of the whole begin to decay. Stubbornness sets in.

And the cycle repeats itself, over and over again. Yet, always different, never the same.

However, when the winter comes again we remember the spring. It gives us hope as to what could be and the strength to endure again in order to create the change we seek in the world.

In creating change, just as with the seasons, there is always something to celebrate.

The celebration of having the courage to think differently.

The celebration of building a community.

The celebration of generosity.

The celebration of decay and the chance to start anew.

The celebration of being human.

Our existence is transient, evanescent,  and inconstant.