Friendship. It’s a Privilege.


Is more than the term we give to our peers that we barely know.

Is more than mere acquaintances.

Is more than surrounding ourselves with those that we think reflect well upon us.

Is more than shared interests.

Is more enriching than shared experiences.

Is even more powerful than shared circumstances.

Friendship is magnetic.

It’s sacrifice.

It’s learning.

It’s teaching.

It’s understanding.

It’s forgiveness.

It’s growing.

It’s mutual goodwill.

It’s respect.

It’s generosity.

It’s accountability.

It’s tenderness.

It’s showing up, over, and over.

Friendship is continued mutual tolerance and mercy.

It’s meeting for coffee even when you a bit under the weather.

It’s driving an hour to see someone you haven’t seen in months.

It’s communicating our deepest fears and our wildest dreams.

It’s patience and a listening ear to give us comfort that our fears are things we will overcome and  the encouragement and support to leap.

Friendship is a privilege.

The privilege of being able to listen to one another.

The privilege of being able to see the essence of one another.

The privilege to walk with one another.

The privilege to believe in one another.

The privilege to accompany one another on a journey impossible to accomplish alone.