The Postmortem & The Infinite Task

The postmortem:

  • maybe it was because I didn’t shave
  • maybe I should have worn a blue shirt instead
  • maybe they didn’t like me
  • should I have not said that?

The feelings and thoughts that we have when things don’t go as we wished.

When our work resonates a little bit less than we desired.

The post-mortem is necessary, as it allows for reflection. Further, it is the opportunity that allows us to learn and iterate about what we could have done differently to get the outcome we desired.

However, the postmortem must be short, as it can obstruct our view of how infinite the role of the artist really is.

The commitment to doing work that matters. Work that is personal. Work that changes the receiver.

The role of the artist never ends. We always get to create again. The opportunity to refine our message. The opportunity to chart another course.

The artist lives to take the next leap.

Lives to ignore the little voice in our head that tells us that we are not ready. That it’s too soon. That we should wait for the right opportunity.

The artist wakes up every day and chooses to pick themselves because every day it is their turn to create the world they want to see.

In the connection economy, the rules are different. The person that picks themselves the most wins. The person that fails the most wins.

Because if you fail the most, that means you’ve had the opportunity to keep playing, time and time again.

The opportunity to keep creating work that matters.

The opportunity to keep creating work that is personal.

The opportunity to keep creating work that changes the receiver.

The opportunity to be an artist.

An opportunity that is before us all.

The choice is yours.