Scaling Up Your Life

In its simplest form, economies of scale is a phenomenon whereby the efficiency of a large scale producer, which is attained over time, allows it to spread out the high-cost basis of its capital expenditures over a larger per unit basis, lowering the per unit cost. With economies of scale, a widget that cost $1.00 to manufacture now only cost $0.25.

Simply, a company attains the ability to do more with less. It attains a competitive advantage.

The same phenomenon exists in our personal lives.

Reading scales.

The more books you read, the more knowledge you have –  the richer your perspective. Your ability to problem solve, be creative, and do work that matters increases at a multiple higher than the number of books you have read.  Knowledge becomes a competitive advantage.

Exercising scales.

The more you run the healthier you are. The more in-shape you become. Your ability to run faster and further increases. Being healthy and in-shape becomes a competitive advantage.

Relationships scale.

Writing scales.

Eating healthy scales.

Public speaking scales.

Being generous and empathic scales.

However, not everything we do in our personal lives scales.

Watching Netflix doesn’t scale.

You watch one episode. Then two episodes. But what comes next? More episodes? There’s no change. There’s no improvement. There’s no competitive advantage from watching Netflix.

Watching cable news doesn’t scale.

You watch it. Your fear increases. You feel helpless. What’s next?

Reassurance doesn’t scale.

Likes do not scale.

Follows do not scale.

Re-tweets do not scale.

It turns out that the things we are afraid of. The things that are hard to do. The things that take time. Are the things that scale. The things in which the more we do them, the better we become.

How much of your day do you spend doing things that are going to make your better?

Things that are going to increase your ability to connect with others?

Things that are going to increase your ability to create the world you want to see?

Things that help you leap?

Things that scale?