Thought Leaders: Perception vs. Reality

We are all thought leaders, if we choose to be.

It’s a choice that is needed today more than ever.

Modern economic history is comprised of three major economies:

First, there was the agrarian economy, when the bedrock of American production and prosperity was farming.

Next, was the Industrial economy, when people left farms to work in factories.

The last few generations have thrived as a result of the knowledge economy, with know-how and analytics fueling the engine of growth.

However, the days of the knowledge economy are over, as increasingly intelligent machines know and have the capacity to know more than any human mind.

Today, we are at the cusp of the Connection & Ideas economy. In this world connections create value and ideas fuel the engine of growth, as the tried and true methods of the last few generations no longer work.

However, it’s not just any connection, but connections that are meaningful and rooted in generosity.

Not just any idea, but the deliberate exchange of ideas.

In order for this new economy to thrive, each of us must choose to be thought leaders.

We must choose to move and inspire people with innovative ideas.

We must turn ideas into realities that foster meaningful connections.

We need ideas about how to educate and prepare students for the Connection and Idea economy.

Ideas that provide affordable Healthcare at scale, allowing members of our communities to live longer and more connected lives.

Ideas about how to mobilize and enhance the lives of those that have been displaced by technology, re-establishing their connection to the economic engine that they desperately want to help shape.

You have thoughts. You can be a leader. The choice is yours.