The Holiday’s Are About More Than Consumption & Gift Giving…

Whether you celebrate or not, the holiday season serves as a not so subtle reminder of a tireless, yet critical idea: friendship.

Friendship is beautiful.

The excitement.

The surprise.

Catching up.

We missed you. We are happy for you. We are so glad that you are here.

The reassurance that what we had still remains and the optimism that it will continue to be sustained.

Friendships are our fuel. They ignite within us, causing mini explosions that satisfy our yearning for safety, belongingness, love, and esteem. When tended to with care and intentionality they aid us in our journey towards self-actualization.

Simply, without them, we wouldn’t exist.

As you enjoy this holiday season, take the time to celebrate your relationships. The connections we have with one another.

They are move valuable, fulfilling, and sustainable than any gift you will receive.