What’s at The End of The Rainbow…?

There is no pot of gold.

There is no race.

No end destination.

However, our culture treats life as such.

As if life’s main objective is to achieve something.

That “one job”.

That dream house.

Peace of mind.

The perfect spouse.

“Successful” kids.



We treat life as if there is something for us to attain from it.

Constantly chasing after something that appears to be just out of our grasp.

However, life is not a bank to be robbed.

There is no prize. Nothing that we have to “get out of it”.

However, that doesn’t make it not worth living.

Instead, that realization, the realization that we are not competing with each other.

The realization that it doesn’t matter how big our house is, the name of the car we drive, or the logo on the clothes we are wearing – that realization is liberating.

It’s liberating because it allows you to let go of the attachment we have to the end result.

It gives you freedom. Freedom to stop chasing something that isn’t real.

This freedom allows you to alter your posture.

If it’s not a race, how many more people would you help?

Would you think twice about the next time you use your perceived status to put someone else down?

Seriously, if it wasn’t a race how would you play the game differently?

How would you engage with and connect with the universe?

I’m guessing the answer is different than you’re currently playing the game.

The point isn’t that life is a game, the point is that we have the power to choose how we play it.

If your happiness is dependent on achieving “the result” or making it to the “end destination” you are setting yourself up for failure.

We suffer because we desire…

Time: We’ve Got it All Wrong

Why are we forced at last by death’s final constraint to realize that it has passed away before we knew it was passing?


It’s the asset that we all eagerly wish we had more of.

More time to read.
More time to spend with friends.
More time to follow our dreams.
More time with loved ones.
More time to create art.
More time to see the world.
More time to go to the gym.
More time to make a difference.
More time to become the person we want to be.

However, time is fixed. We can’t make any more of it. It’s our most precious and least renewable resource.

However, truth is, there is, in fact, enough time. Life is long enough. There is enough time to accomplish the things that we desire to do most.

The real problem with time? We waste most of it.

We waste it watching TV.
We waste it spending time with negative people that we don’t care to be around.
We waste it in meetings.
We waste it doing things we aren’t passionate it about.
We waste it consuming things that we don’t need.
We waste it searching the internet for “life hacks”.
We waste it on facebook.
We waste it complaining.
We waste it by not capturing our brilliant ideas.
We waste it by holding grudges.
We waste it by making excuses.
We waste it talking, instead of listening.
We waste it talking about people, instead of about ideas.
We waste it waiting for things to happen.

We severely underestimate how much time we spend doing these things.

It is not that life is short, but that we make it that way.

Life is long, if you know how to use it.