Where it All Started.

It started with our parents.

It quickly came to involve their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, or cousins.

It started with a sacrifice here and there — less sleep, less time with friends, less of doing what they wanted to do and more of doing what we wanted to do.

The little sacrifices quickly turned into large sacrifices — altering career trajectories, postponing the pursuit of passions, moving to the neighbored with the better school, living in a smaller house, working the job that allowed ends to meet.

It started with a teacher.

It quickly became teachers, professors, educators or individuals that shaped how we viewed the world.

It started with a mentor.

It quickly became mentorship, a foot in the door, an internship, the first job, a career.

While we all come from different backgrounds — socioeconomic statuses, family structure, access, exposure, and will ultimately all end up in different places, it all started with someone other than ourselves.

We all have had the help of others to get to where we are today.

And will need others to get to where we want to go tomorrow.

While at times it may seem like it, we can’t go at it alone.

We need each other.